Friday, 22 February 2013

latest feature of galaxy S4


In just few weeks Samsung will likely to announce its greatest smartphone ever Galaxy S4. It is reported that it will have a new feature of SAMSUNG ORB which is an extension of Photo sphere.

Galaxy S4 is delayed mainly due to power issues with the eight core Exynos Octa.

Samsung Orb will allow to capture 360 degree panaroma photos that will give almost three dimensional experience.The Samsung Galaxy S4 could also pack a brand new Exynos 5 octa which may have four high-powered and four low-powered CPUT cores to improve the devices processes. 

The touchless gestures will apparently be a major feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the touchless gestures could work would allow you to simply lift the Galaxy S4 to your ear and your incoming call would automatically be answered.

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